In today’s fast paced world, modern payment solutions are crucial in order to meet growing customer and employee needs. For organizations disbursing funds, sending a check through the mail can be costly, negatively impact the customer experience and carry unnecessary risk to the disbursing financial institution or business. Still, almost half of disbursements today are done via check.

Disbursements with Zelle® allows organizations the ability to disburse funds directly to a bank account, using simply a U.S. mobile phone number or email address.

Join Early Warning's Eric Foust, Senior Director of Product Management, and Carl Slabicki from BNY Mellon as they discuss the disbursements market, Disbursements with Zelle and some of the success BNY Mellon has already seen by offering digital disbursements to their corporate clients.


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Eric Foust

Senior Director of Product Management
Early Warning

Eric leads product management for Disbursements with Zelle® and is an expert on all things Zelle.

Prior to joining Early Warning in 2016, Eric was the team lead for PNC’s Treasury Innovations team. Additionally, he had held a number of payments and relationship development roles during his twelve year career at PNC Bank.

Carl Slabicki

Director and Product Line Manager for Immediate Payments
BNY Mellon

In his current role, Carl is responsible for strategy and development of new faster payment solutions such as The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments and Tokenized Payments® now available with Zelle®.

Mr. Slabicki is the Chair of Zelle’s Wholesale Payments Advisory Committee and represents BNY Mellon on many industry working groups included The Clearing House’s RTP Early Adopter Business to Business Working Group, RTP Consumer/Corporate RFP Working Group and RTP Fraud Working Group, as well as participation in Early Warning’s Treasury Services Executive Advisors Work Group, Product & Strategy, B2C, Operating Rules and Compliance Work Groups.

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